MAMAN PAS PLEURER Lucia Reine - Maman Pa Pléré From Lucia Reine - Lucia Released on LM Production, 1987, France You can see ton of zouk records from the late  1980's at markets or stores in France but finding good stuff isn't easy though, most of them being a bit too cheesy or having some lame parts…Lire la suite MAMAN PAS PLEURER

INTERNATIONAL LOVE Grammacks International - Children Take Good Care From Grammacks International - Ou Pa Bon Cauchemard Released on 3A Productions, 1977, France There have been quite a lot  of French Caribbean compilation LPs or reissues since for a few years new, mainly focussing on Funk-influenced music, and it's still going on. We already discussed it…Lire la suite INTERNATIONAL LOVE