President Rosko – C.B. Wrapper
From President Rosko – French Connection
Released on Magnet, 1981, France

We’re often complaining about the lack of information concerning an album or an artist we’re mentioning on OYT, regretting that we don’t have any good story to tell. This is definitively not the case of President Rosko, a legendary character from the Radio world.

Born in Los Angeles, President Rosko, a.k.a. Emperor Rosko, is a mythical radio-D.J. who used to work for the most famous pirate radio of all time, Radio Caroline. If you have seen the movie The Boat That Rocked, Rosko is the man who inspired Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s character, « The Count ». He then worked for French radios in the 1960’s such as Europe 1 and RTL before becoming one of the first DJ of BBC Radio 1 in 1967.

On C.B. WrapperPresident Rosko speaks the way he would speak everyday on his various radio shows, rapping and talking to surrealistic listeners. But the most crazy thing about this song is the minimal boogie instrumentation that somehow reminds of Vito Ricci’s I’m At That Party Right Now ! This is without doubt a great moment of 7 inch weirdness !

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