Nando Carneiro – Paranóia
From Nando Carneiro ‎- Violão
Released on Carmo, Brazil

Nando Carneiro is an acclaimed guitarist who’s been working with jazz icons such as  John McLaughlin, John Scofield or Trilok Gurtu ; however, not only is he a great musician, he is also a great composer who released amazing solo albums, including Violão.

Released on CarmoViolão is a beautiful example of the electro-acoustic sound produced in Brazil by the likes of Egberto Gismonti (who created the label), André Geraissati or Nando Carneiro. To illustrate this very specific sound, we picked one of our favorite songs from the album, Paranóia.

Paranóia is a superb uptempo song in which Brazilian syncopated rhythms meet latin fusion-inherited elements. Backboned by a motive of acoustic guitar, the song unfolds into an emotional jam of synths and rhythm machines. Appart from the richness of the arrangements, the song also showcases the talent of Nando Carneiro at composing sophisticated melodies. This is a truly uplifting piece of music, that makes us feel light as a feather


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