Dharana – Viajante
From Dharana – Dharana
Released on Natale Produções Artísticas, 1987, Brazil

Though a very discreet musician, Edson Natale is nonetheless a true master of Brazilian jazz, forging a very organic and deep sound, exploring the acoustical possibilities of his fetish instrument, the guitar, thanks to very sophisticated means of recording, in the late 1980’s.

Going in a very different direction than the one taken by the « Carmo group » we recently mentionned and whose « member », André Geraissati is featured on Dharana, Edson Natale rather focuses on organic textures provided  by subtle arrangements of string instruments.

The total mastery of arrangements is obvious on Viajante : Edson Natale instaures a conversation between all the instruments which never becomes noisy, each instrument having enough « room » to express itself. No need to add that the composition is heartbreaking… This is a piece of very, very sophisticated art.

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