Ti-Fock – Lo De
From Ti-Fock – Mafate
Released on 102P Production, Reunion, 1985

Réunion seems to still be a virgin island for diggers, and as far as we know Ti-Fock is one of the only examples, with Alain Peters, of a Reunionese musician who successfully recorded great Maloya-influenced fusion music.

His second album, Mafate, offers a couple of brilliant leftfield fusion tracks, Sokouye and Ou Wa La, but one of the most impressive songs is the dancefloor-filler, Lo De.

This super richly produced Maloya song is every bit as good as some of the most popular funky tunes from the French Indies and got everything you need to set a tropical vibe on the dancefloor : great breaks, smooth synth solos, and catchy lyrics that you won’t understand ! We hope that Ti-Fock will be an invitation to dig out more music from Réunion…

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