Edson Natale -Pequena Canção Para Uma Mulher Nua
From Edson Natale – Nina Maika 
Released on Natale Produções Artísticas, 1990, Brazil

We first mentioned Edson Natale in a post about his band, Dharana, which provided some amazing acoustic Brazilian jazz in the late 1980’s. Three years after Dharana‘s first album, Viajante, Edson Natale released what seems like his first solo album, Nina Maika; making a consistent shift from Viajante‘s style by incorporating a lot of electronic elements to his music, and the result is absolutely outstanding !!!

Far from reducing the room Natale gave each musician on his Dharana‘s albums, all these electronic elements seem to further widen the space given to the musicians and singers to express themselves. Nina Maika‘s version of Viajante (the title track from Dharana‘s first album) gives the impression we are travelling through some of those vast and majestic landscapes we can only experience in South-America.

Nina Maika is a splendid record from beginning to end and Pequena Canção Para Uma Mulher Nua is just a tune we kind of arbitrarily isolated from the album (maybe is it because I’ve been watching Twin Peaks lately, and been inspired by this song’s celestial vocals, which reminded me of Julee Cruise‘s songs). HEALING MUSIC

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