Nature Lovers – You Know It’s True
From Nature Lovers – Beginning To End
Released on Ink Records, 1985, UK

This song is without doubt our weirdest contribution to the Music From The Club section so far. We did not really know whether we should put it in our Music From The Living Room section but we thought that it could suit the most open-minded dancefloors. You know It’s True is a great example of a tune going in multiple directions : it builds up little musical vignettes before destroying them and beginning something completely different.

Released on Ink Records amongst releases by Severed Heads and Anne Clark, the band is the only completely unknown member from this British label.. It explores digital ambient sounds as well as more organic percussive elements and concrete music on what is their only album, full of bizarre excursions.

If you wanna dig exigent club music, Nature Lovers is a good starting point. We’re sure that it can really bring a feeling of madness to the dancing crowd, so, next time, give it a spin at the most packed party.

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