Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho – L’Appel de la Terre
From Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho – Les Pays De Tout En Tout
Released on Unidisc, 1978, France

Unidisc (which is not the same Unidisc than the famous Canadian Disco imprint) was a French label which released many weird albums which aimed at soundtracking meditation or contemporary dance sessions but the weirdest Unidisc record we’ve ever heard about is without doubt this one, Les Pays de Tout En Tout, offering music for mimes.

As many of these Unidisc releases, often subtitled « pour l’expression corporelle » (« for corporal expression »), Les Pays de Tout en Tout contains some solid avant-garde songs with a strong library feeling.

The even more bizarre thing about this record is that L’Appel de la Terre, like many other songs from this album, has a strong apocalyptical feeling, and it will more likely terrify the children it is intended for (as it is clearly written on the cover…) . The song is a desperate, earthy, lament of synths, but which stands out from the rest by using a monolithic arpeggiator as a kind of baseline.

This record also stands out from the rest of the LPs in the series thanks to its adventurous use of synthesizer and of sound design. Definitely a very interesting record for 1970’s Library synths enthusiasts !

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