The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z – Pink Rhythm
From The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z – Niemand Tanz
Released on Z. O. O. Media, 1989, Germany

It’s both wonderful and strange how one odd-looking record, found randomly in some record shop can lead you to a sprawling discography, like Andreas Seemer-Koeper‘s one. Even stranger is the fact that our first meeting with the German composer retrospectively seems so far away from the core of his musical universe, as we entered his discography through his only Maxi 45 rpm, featuring what might be the only properly dance-oriented song in his entire catalogue…

Andreas Seemer-Koeper is a classically-trained musician from Westphalia whose huge discography drifts from contemporary chamber music to ambient via new wave. Seeking complete artistic freedom, Seemer-Koeper started his own label in 1989, Zero One Ocean (z. o. o.)*, with The Advanced Cookbook… being its first release, as well as the first album in a series of « Cookbooks« spanning over 20 years. For that matter, it’s very interesting to see how Seemer-Koeper completely freed himself from the concept of genre, the series itself exploring many different musical universes.

The first « Cookbook« , and especially Pink Rhythm – which made it to the Maxi 45rpm – is the most new-wave flavored entry in the series, as demonstrated by the heavy drum machine programmation. Pink Rhythm also has a jazz fusion touch, with its guitar riffs and the few solos.

Pink Rhythm is a jam which takes its time. Building itself towards a Mango/Island kind of slow dance-floor heater, it’s actually very enjoyable to have to wait for a few minutes for the first kick to be heard… We hope that you’ll be as enthusiast as we were about this intriguing record, and that, like us, you’ll dig for more music from Seemer-Koeper.

*Actually, z. o. o. is more than a label as Seemer-Koeper also released (and keeps on releasing) books and scores via z. o. o.



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