Sweet Control featuring Georgie Ô – Lighter Than The Wind (Wind Mix)
From Sweet Control – Lighter Than The Wind
Released on WMC, 1992, France

One of the mixes of Sweet Control‘s only song, Lighter Than The Wind, was meant to land on YouTube sooner or later – and, in all probability, around these days. For the past months, many digging friends in Paris came across this record (and so did I), beginning with Dave from Bigwax, and it’s not mere coincidence.

Lighter Than The Wind is probably a record we’ve all seen before. However, there was a time, not so long ago, when many of us would see no interest in what the tiny pieces of information on the record and on its sleeve would indicate the musical content could be:  namely some early 1990’s euro house, produced in France – that is to say, something whose only aim seem to be to spoil the cheap bins in record shops.

Well, things change, and among changing things, most notably tastes and trends. Euro house (that’s what the sleeve SHOUTS at us) is getting interesting again and what we would have probably looked at with disdain (a specific kind of font and design, etc.) a year or something ago now triggers our curiosity, as, meanwhile, we became thirsty for Enigma‘s lookalikes and italo-house’s european cousins (to make it simple: anything that could fit into DFC‘s seminal Ambient House compilation).

So here we are, listening to some French downtempo from 1992, whispered in French and rapped in English, ready to digest everything produced at the very end of the 20th century.

I cannot say whether Lighter Than The Wind was a minor hit or not, but Sweet Control opulently released two records with different mixes of their only song. It was quite a common thing to do back then and there are many examples of songs no one ever heard of that were released on two or three different records. That being said, all the mixes are excellent, but I went for the delightfully chilled-out mix, very evocatively named « Wind Mix« . I love the E2-E4/Sueño Latino vibe as well as the odd cohabitation of cryptic French and English lyrics, definitely finding an echo with people from my generation, whose childhoods were soundtracked by suave compositions while Lounge music was about to become a global phenomenon and Robert del Nara was not yet Banksy


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