I did not really know Francis Dosoo when I saw them in Paris earlier this year ; we briefly met each other in Scotland in 2017, where I played at a Rhythm Machine – a party Francis and Andy Danet used to throw in Glasgow and Edinburg. In Paris, where Francis recently moved, we talked about British Arcadia, a topic that took me back to my teenage years when, sitting in the back of my father’s car, stuck in traffic jam somewhere on the M25 on a hot summer’s day, I would fantasize about sun-drenched green hills, welcoming pubs, and tiny villages by a quiet river. The first hour of the radio show reflects on these fantasies.

Francis described their part as « a reflection on memories of moments not yet lived« . I would add that it is one of the most personal and beautiful way of contributing to the radio show I’ve heard so far, going far beyond the selection of songs, even beyond the whole « telling a story » thing . And by saying that, I’m not even doing justice to the beauty of this mix… I listened many times to this wonderful hour of music, you might like to do the same.


Viriginia Astley – With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming

Kate Bush – Prelude

Kate Bush – Prologue

Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring

Jan Steel & Ziz! Ensemble – Desert Island Dusks

Penguin Café Orchestra – Penguin Café Single

The Raincoats – Lola

Would-Be-Goods – The Camera Loves Me

Andras – Honeybird

Skream – Dutchflower

Dream Academy – The Love Parade

Pat Metheny – Are You Going With Me

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years

Francis Dosoo – Guest Mix

Butch Morris – Current Trends in Racism in Nth America Part 2

Fred Firth – Driving to the Train

Nina Simone – The Desperate Ones

Simpson – Mother Losing a Child

Mica Levi – Autopsy

Yasuaki Shimizu – Tew Semagn Hagere

Thomas Newman – Whisper of a Thrill

Natural Spirit Orchestra – Mookie Goes Home

Calloway – The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Miles Davis – Afterglow

Garrett List – Your Own Self (Part One)

Floraleda Sacchi – Tililadodin

Padua and Veneto Chamber Orchestra – La Primavera

Craig Armstrong – Introduction to Romeo

Yoko Kanno – Myung Theme

The Strollers – Bitter Dreams

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