Andrea Zarza Canova and I only met twice but I have very vivid memories of both our encounters. The first time was in Madrid, where I was spending a few days before playing at a festival. The second time was in London, where she gave me a tour of the astonishing British Library Sound Archives, where she works. In fact, she’s in charge of the British Library show on NTS you may have already heard and also operates Mana records alongside Matthew Kent. 

Knowing this was enough knowledge for me to ask her for a guest mix. It turned out to be a wise idea as Andrea’s recording is a fantastic mix of 1990’s lesser known recordings from ambient legends, Jamaican contemporary summer hits, and more – all sitting together seamlessly. I can’t think of a better mix to soundtrack the end of this summer as it perfectly showcases the pastel colours of August.


Kiri Te Kanawa, Giacomo Puccini – Gianni Schicci: “O Mio Babbino Caro”  

Edwin Fischer, J.S. Bach – Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056 , Largo

Shunsuke Kida – Maiden In Black

Gavin Bryars – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Nico Selves – Etcétera

Scott Walker – Light

Peter Brook – “There is a World, Elsewhere”

Maurice Deebank – So Serene

Arai Akino – Reincarnation

Strange Emotion – Knife

Tricky – Feed Me

DJ Manny – Smoke ’n’ Fade Away

Andrea Zarza Canova – Guest Mix

Mônica Salmaso – Na Volta Que o Mundo Dá

Carlos Maria Trindade – Deep Travel

Aylu – Arancione

John Surman – Wizard’s Song

Equiknoxx – Rescue Me

Vivian Koch – Lil Birdy Starts to Fly Again

“Blue” Gene Tyranny – Blue Moon Rye

Gerald Cleaver – Geri Allen

Humberto Álvarez – Ya Sé

Rebe – la mas wapa del bar (feat. pup puppy)

Winsome – SUG002-A

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