GARLIC DISCO Monsieur Goraguer - Sexy Dracula (Instrumental) From Monsieur Goraguer - Sexy Dracula Released on Disques Meyes, Japan Who is that mysterious Monsieur Goraguer ? Well, he is no other than legendary composer and arranger Alain Goraguer, who has been working with Jean Ferrat, Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall, and many other French singers, and who recorded one…Lire la suite GARLIC DISCO

SLOW DISCO IN JAPAN Masanori Sasaji - All Dreams Behind From Masanori Sasaji - Hot Taste Jam Released on Bourbon Records, Japan Once again, we speak about a member of legendary japanese band Mariah : Masanori Sasaji. All Dreams Behind is taken from one of his solo albums on Bourbon Records and it doesn't have the experimental vibe that Yasuaki Shimizu's…Lire la suite SLOW DISCO IN JAPAN

FOTS & BYKE Fots & Byke - Nkul Messing From Fots & Byke - Nkul Messing / De Go Released on Production Balafon, France Something of Manu Dibango here... Nkul Messing is a very richly produced afro disco track from Western Africa (Cameroun?) with a powerful horn section, guitar, synths and percussions breaks and  very rhythmical vocals...…Lire la suite FOTS & BYKE