BIOLOGY / ITALY Elicoide - Mitochondria From Elicoide - Elicoide Released on Moon Record, 1987, Italy Mitochondria is the meeting place of a genre, a place and a period that we are really fond of, and especially when these three dimensions are tied together to give you Italian Ambient from the late 1980's. This track perfectly illustrates that…Lire la suite BIOLOGY / ITALY

WHO OWNS BRASIL ? Mike Herting ‎– Algodoal From Mike Herting ‎– Wem Gehört Brasilien Released on VeraBra Records, 1990, Germany When it comes to ethereal ambient, it can't get more classy than this song : Badalamenti's synth waves, discrete field recording, and a few notes of guitar... Algodoal is a hidden treasure on German jazz pianist's album…Lire la suite WHO OWNS BRASIL ?

ETHEREAL CZECHOSLOVAKIA Mirka Křivánková, Jiří Stivín & Co. - Mihavé Doteky Taken From Mirka Křivánková, Jiří Stivín & Co. ‎– Zrcadlení Released on Supraphon, 1985, Czechoslovakia Amazing vocals from Czechoslovakian singer Mirka Křivánková. A perfect song to go to sleep to, or to listen to in a warm place, with a cup of tea, during a…Lire la suite ETHEREAL CZECHOSLOVAKIA