RESORT ISLAND Shohjo-Tai - Flamingo Island From Shohjo-Tai - Forever 2001 Released on Broadway, Japan, 1986 Remember that heavy tune by a Japanese Idol band we posted a few months ago ? Well, the three girls from Shojo-Tai are back with another summer hit, casually called Flamingo Island. Once again, the production is flawless and it's no…Lire la suite RESORT ISLAND

PECKER POWER Tony Koba - Kageki - Radical & Musical From Tony Koba - Rough & Smooth Released on Better Days, Japan, 1981 Tony Koba is a Jazz-Fusion musician who plays the drum on various Japanese Jazz records in the late 1970's - early 1980's, but we won't talk about him. The main interest of Kageki…Lire la suite PECKER POWER