Shohjo-Tai – Flamingo Island
From Shohjo-Tai – Forever 2001
Released on Broadway, Japan, 1986

Remember that heavy tune by a Japanese Idol band we posted a few months ago ? Well, the three girls from Shojo-Tai are back with another summer hit, casually called Flamingo Island.

Once again, the production is flawless and it’s no surprise to see the name of Miharu Koshi in the credits… Something to do with Hosono? Maybe.

Everything from the drum programming to the riffs of guitar are so metronomically well put together in the mix that it wouldn’t surprise us to discover that the mind behind some of the tightest Japanese synth-pop moments has something to do with it, especially when you take into account the weirdness of some of the breaks… Also the latin piano solo is sort of reminiscing of this… Anyway, we’ll let you make up your mind!

Flamingo Island is another good surprise from one of the freshest – if not the most arty -Idol band we ever heard. And it feels like it’s going to fit quite well your summer parties’ playlists…

Meanwhile we’ll be having a short break. However, we’ll keep on posting music on our Youtube channel twice a week. Have a nice summer !

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