Ramuntcho Matta – Conk
From Ramuntcho Matta Presents Brion Gysin / Polo Lombardo
Released on Mosquito, 1986, France

Fans of Liquid Liquid and other Disco-Not-Disco acts should fell for this great Ramuntcho Matta record. The French producer, who most notably produced Elli Medeiro‘s album Bom Bom…, blends many elements of the No-Wave era into a burning hot track : out-of-tune horns, slapped bass and complicated percussion patterns.

There are many great tracks on this album, with a punk attitude. Indeed, the first side features vocals by Brion Gysin, one of the main heroes of the Beat Generation,  while the second side is dedicated to the very mysterious Polo Lombardo (we unfortunately don’t know anything about him).

Anyway, we invite you to Dance / Not Dance to the sound of this very New-Yorkian French record.


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