Twenston – Black Soul
From Various ‎– Woodoo Raeggae
Released on Disco Soup Ltd, 1981, Italy

Sometimes, no matter hard you try, you just can’t get any information about a record. Woodoo Raeggae is an Italian compilation with an absolutely amazing cover that was released in 1981, but that’s about all we know this record… Featuring tunes by Fela Kuti, Manu Dibangu (that’s how it is spelled on the back cover) and Aleke Kanonu‘s killer N’Gwonde, Woodoo Raeggae would not be so intriguing if it did not feature two mysterious tracks : P. Kat‘s Balearic percussive Amin Party and the song we’re dealing with in today’s post, Black Soul by Twenston.

We could not find any information about that mysterious man, Twenston, and Black Soul seems to be it’s only released song, or maybe it’s just an alias… And no need to say that this compilation is the only release on Disco Soup Ltd… Anyway, Black Soul is a great afro track, with a cool saxophone riff which may remind you of Manu Dibango‘s super hit, Soul Makossa. So if you got any piece of information, please share with us ! If not, just consider this song as a nice addition to the global tropical discoteca !

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