Kabbahri – Astronaut
From Kabbahri – Ive
Released on Roof Records, 1990, Germany

Kabbahri is not really into casual music… In 1990, 3 years after its evocatively named first album, War Inside My Head, the German band released a second album called Ive. While the noisy experimentations on the first one were always backed by a solid rhythmical pattern, on Astronaut, the rhythmical pattern seems to melt in the growingly chaotic guitar apparitions.

Kabbahri really takes us to the punkiest side of electronic dance music, adopting a sound that has maybe  more to do with Black Flag or Agnostic Front than Nitzer EbbAstronaut brings the raw energy that can be found in a small venue, during a hardcore live show, to the club.

This is an ideal tune to put a big mess on a well-behaving dancefloor !

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