Markus Stockhausen & Zoro Babel ‎– Snow Falling
From Markus Stockhausen & Zoro Babel ‎– Beings
Released on Fonit Cetra, 1987, Italy

Being the son of one the biggest heroes of many electronic music heroes (Holger Czukay, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk…) might not be easy when you’re releasing avant-garde electronic music yourself. That’s exactly the case of Markus Stockhausen, son of Karlheinz Stockhausen, one of the most innovative and respected composers from the 21st century…

However, Markus Stockhausen succeeded in imposing himself as a great avant-garde trumpet player with the release of his first album, in collaboration with Jasper Van’t Hof, the now highly sought-after experimental masterpiece, Aqua Sansa.

The confidential success of Aqua Sansgave him access to one of the most prestigious European jazz label, ECM, on which he’d release a great number of records throughout the 1980’s and the 1990’s, playing with contemporary jazz champions such as Gary Peacock or Aril Andersen, while keeping on playing on his father’s records.

In 1987, Markus Stockhausen renewed with the intimate sound he explored on Aqua Sansa with a very personal album, Beings, in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, Zoro Babel. On Snow Falling, minimalist percussive sounds and an ethereal and repetitive keyboard  give Markus Stockhausen a perfect backdrop for the superb sound of his trumpet.

Snow Falling sounds as closely as possible as how chamber music should sound in 1987, laying the musician bare, giving himself the room to express his deepest feelings.

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