Rico – Mysteries Of The World
From Rico – Mysteries Of The World
Released on Debut, 1990, UK

We’ve always been fascinated by the people who are working behind the scenes, the ones with the names written in a bold font on the record sleeves, and always in a very discrete way. Amongst them are the producers, people whose job has always been mysterious for many a listener.

Sometimes, looking at the story of a song through the producer’s name is the easisest way to make sense of the story. In the case of Rico‘s Mysteries Of The World, it’s the name of Nigel Wright which ties the tune to a bigger frame.

Beginning his work both as a musician and a producer with British jazz-funk super band, Shakatak, Nigel Wright saw his career skyrocket in the mid-1980’s by producing hundred of UK-dance hits, shaping the sound of the music played in British clubs, especially with highly influential labels like Passion (a commercially-successful label which is now known for releasing the quintessence of 1980’s British club-friendly jazz-funk 12″, Sun Palace‘s Winning, amongst many Hi-NRG records) or Debut. 

The story of the band in itself might be really hard to find about, but it seems – as for many of this kind of short-lived bands – that this anonymous band was not much more than a mean for Wright to explore the possibilities given by well-equipped studios to produce tunes at the cutting edge of dance music.

At the time of Rico‘s Mysteries Of The World, the 10 year-long career of Wright as a producer for British jazz-funk acts can really be felt in the lush, warm and soulful sounds and melodies. Labeled Hi-NRG on DiscogsMysteries Of The World is way much more than your average Hi-NRG song ! Even the structure of the song, with its long breaks , leaves room for the keyboard player to express himself and play charming solos…

If this amazing cover from MFSB‘s Mysteries Of The World  doesn’t transport  you to Club Tropicana, which song will ? Time for some colorful cocktails by the pool !

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