A.C. Marias – Just Talk
From A.C. Marias – One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing)
Released on Mute, 1989, UK

Released in 1989, A.C. Marias‘ only album marked the end of a musical career (at least undr this name…) which had begun at the beginning of the decade with the release of a single, Drop, in 1981. Angela Conway‘s band only released a bunch of songs throughout the Decades, but they somehow succeeded in  capturing a bit of the « fin de siècle » vibe, some late Art Rock and late Post-Punk bands were aiming at.

In fact Angela Conway was not a new-comer by the time she released music under the moniker A.C. Marias moniker : she was already a Wire‘s long-time collaborator and even took part in one of the band’s most exciting side projects, Dome.

Though Just Talk was released as a single in 1986, it really sounds like a turning point between the two decades, the 1980’s and the 1990’s, with its ethereal and spellbinding vocals, prefiguring Twin Peaks and Julee Cruise as much as the indie explosion in Portland or Seattle, with its shoegaze-friendly hypnotizing rifts of guitar.

The song, as well as the album, has a peculiar resonance in 2017, as it seems that A.C. Marias sonic explorations are back in fashion, especially if you take a listen to Carla Dal Forno‘s brilliant debut album on Blackest Ever Black… Anyway, if you’re into beautiful minimalist pop songs, how can you resist this true moment of late-1980’s psychedelia ?

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