SUGAR DADDY Emmanuel Ezeagu - African Problem From Emmanuel Ezeagu - Sugar Daddy Released on Melody Records, 1992, Nigeria we  have always believed that there's still a huge amount of undiscovered great music out there and especially in the motherland, Africa. This statement seems particularly right if you take into account the incredible amount of music recorded…Lire la suite SUGAR DADDY

GOOD MORNING JAMAICA Desmond Chambers - The Morning Show From Desmond Chambers ‎– I Have Seen Love In Your Eyes Released on Fameous, 1987, Jamaica We love "almost hit" tunes, the kind of songs that never became huge for many reasons but still sounds like hits. Well, Desmond Chambers' The Morning Show got all the elements of the…Lire la suite GOOD MORNING JAMAICA

BELGIAN BOOGIE Alec Mansion - Détective From Alec Mansion - Microfilms Released on Warner Bros. Records, 1982, Belgium A great song from a celebrated artist from the "Belgian" Boogie scene. Released one year before Alec Mansion's essential eponymous album, Microfilms contains a couple of highly emotional boogie tracks. Detective, a very relaxed song produced by legendary…Lire la suite BELGIAN BOOGIE