SOFTEST LANDS Thierfeldt - Madly, Sadly, Badly From Thierfeldt - Dilettantischer Sentimentalismus Released on MMR Records, 1986, Germany It's interesting to see that many of the posts we taged as "Floating" are related to music recorded around the years 1986-1987. What's the point of pointing this out, you may ask ?Well, it seems that, if you…Lire la suite SOFTEST LANDS

WAR INSIDE MY HEAD Kabbahri - Astronaut From Kabbahri - Ive Released on Roof Records, 1990, Germany Kabbahri is not really into casual music... In 1990, 3 years after its evocatively named first album, War Inside My Head, the German band released a second album called Ive. While the noisy experimentations on the first one were always backed by a…Lire la suite WAR INSIDE MY HEAD

FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING Four Drummers Drumming - Running Man From Four Drummers Drumming - Electricity Released on Riff-Records, 1991, Germany For whoever is into percussions and rhythmical prowess, Four Drummers Drumming seems to be a band worth checking ! The "Four Drummers" are German percussionist Albrecht Riermeier, American vibraphone player David Friedman and jazz drummer Jerry Granelli, and…Lire la suite FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING

REMEMBERING 2004 Hematic Sunsets - Crooning Maurer From Hematic Sunsets - Zu Gast Im Aroma Club Released on Klang Der Festung, 2004, Germany This is the most recent song we ever uploaded so far (apart from that Shackleton's song) but it's really hard to tell that it was recorded in 2004. Reminding of Yasuaki Shimizu's Kakashi, Crooning Maurer…Lire la suite REMEMBERING 2004

TRIBUTE TO TRIBUTE Tribute - A Kumma Ki Yidi From Tribute - Breaking Barriers Released on Rekord, 1986, Germany It feels like Young Marco just took over OYT ! This one is a pure bomb for the clubs ! This percussive afro killer track is well hidden on an album by Sweden symphonic rock band, Tribute, and…Lire la suite TRIBUTE TO TRIBUTE

DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA Michael Naura, Wolfgang Schlüter - Argentina From Michael Naura, Wolfgang Schlüter - Country Children Released on ECM, 1980, Germany In the Jazz galaxy, ECM - Edition of Contemporary Music - is a world of its own. With a catalog of more than 1000 albums released since 1969, it's almost impossible to describe the ECM sound;…Lire la suite DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA

CINCO DE MAYO Archie Shepp & Jasper Van't Hof - 5th of May From Archie Shepp & Jasper Van't Hof - The Fifth Of May Released on L+R Records, 1987, Germany Do we need to introduce legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp ? The jazzman played with John Coltrane, Don Cherry, etc. on ground-breaking albums, and he is one…Lire la suite CINCO DE MAYO

WHO OWNS BRASIL ? Mike Herting ‎– Algodoal From Mike Herting ‎– Wem Gehört Brasilien Released on VeraBra Records, 1990, Germany When it comes to ethereal ambient, it can't get more classy than this song : Badalamenti's synth waves, discrete field recording, and a few notes of guitar... Algodoal is a hidden treasure on German jazz pianist's album…Lire la suite WHO OWNS BRASIL ?

ICH LIEBE DICH Heinz Becker, Isabel Zeumer ‎– Abends From Heinz Becker, Karl-Heinz Stegmann, Isabel Zeumer, Else Lasker-Schüler ‎– Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir Released on ITM Records, 1987, Germany Pure ambient with German poetry by Else Lasker-Schüler. Listening to Abends feels like floating on a crystal lake and this song is without doubt one of…Lire la suite ICH LIEBE DICH