DANCE NOT DANCE Ramuntcho Matta - Conk From Ramuntcho Matta Presents Brion Gysin / Polo Lombardo Released on Mosquito, 1986, France Fans of Liquid Liquid and other Disco-Not-Disco acts should fell for this great Ramuntcho Matta record. The French producer, who most notably produced Elli Medeiro's album Bom Bom..., blends many elements of the No-Wave era into…Lire la suite DANCE NOT DANCE

THEM ! AGAIN ? Jimmy Murakawa - Beauty From Jimmy Murakawa - Original De-Motion Picture Released on B&M, 1982, Japan Another Mariah's related post ? Yes it is. Taken from the obscure 1st solo album by Jimmy Murakawa, vocalist of Mariah, Beauty is another Yasuaki Shimizu's production. you can definitively hear the distinctive Mariah's sound on Beauty : low tension keyboards and…Lire la suite THEM ! AGAIN ?

HEAVENLY MARACAS Yasuaki Shimizu - Tamare-Tamare From Yasuaki Shimizu - Subliminal Released on Invitation, 1987, Japan Yasuaki Shimizu is a legendary saxophonist from Japan. Playing on essential albums such as Mariah's Utakata No Hibi (yes, that recently reissued holy grail), he released 6 Jazz-Fusion albums before moving to Europe (Paris, London) and finally releasing Subliminal in 1987.…Lire la suite HEAVENLY MARACAS

DO THE SOUL TANGO Tommy Mandel - Soul Tango From Tommy Mandel - Tommy Mandel Released on Songshop Records, 1981, US Tommy Mandel's name might seem familiar for some of you for the man has been playing keyboards for many rock superstars, including Bryan Adams and Dire Straits. However, who knew that he had released this crazy eponymous…Lire la suite DO THE SOUL TANGO