VAPOR FRAMES Bebo Baldan featuring Steve James - Eb-0 (from "Guerilla") From Bebo Baldan featuring Steve James - Vapor Frames 86/91 Released on Divergo, 1991, Italy As a "new-age-ethereal-ambient" enthusiast, you must be aware that there is a thin line between the ambient side of music and its nemesis, the "lounge" side of music. In other…Lire la suite VAPOR FRAMES

CHAMBER MUSIC Markus Stockhausen & Zoro Babel ‎– Snow Falling From Markus Stockhausen & Zoro Babel ‎– Beings Released on Fonit Cetra, 1987, Italy Being the son of one the biggest heroes of many electronic music heroes (Holger Czukay, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk...) might not be easy when you're releasing avant-garde electronic music yourself. That's exactly the case of…Lire la suite CHAMBER MUSIC

BIGGER THAN LIFE Joe Hisaishi - シーラカンスの夢 From Joe Hisaishi - シンデレラ迷宮 Released on Columbia 1984, Japan How can we possibly introduce Joe Hisaishi, without doubt one of the mot influential composers for the cinema from the last 30 years? Let's begin with some facts... By the end of the 1960's, Hisaishi has already graduated from the prestigious…Lire la suite BIGGER THAN LIFE

MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN Paa Solo - Obi Do From Paa Solo - Body And Soul Released on Tom Tom Music, Germany, 1994 It's been a long time but here is another one which fits our "total mystery" section : indeed, not a single tangible piece of information was found concerning Paa Solo... However, we can still deduce…Lire la suite MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN

A SCENE AT THE SEA Hajime Mizoguchi - Gift From "La Mer" From Hajime Mizoguchi - Halfinch Dessert Released on CBS, 1986, Japan Hajime Mizoguchi studied the cello at the prestigious Tokyo University of Fine Art and Music, successfully graduating in 1985, one year before releasing his debut album, Halfinch Desert. Mainly working for the film industry since then, the…Lire la suite A SCENE AT THE SEA

SABIR Novalia - D'improvviso From Novalia - Sabir Released on Materiali Sonori, 1990, Italy Beginning like a RZA-friendly loop (you should watch Ghost Dog again if this doesn't ring a bell) and ending like an epic Pink Floyd-esque instrumental, Novalia's D'improvviso  incorporates many elements that make it sound lovable to our ears. In between, the tune is a heavily…Lire la suite SABIR

MAGIC ALL AROUND US Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly - (Hear The) Falling Dew From Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly - SCRA Released on M7, 1972, Australia We're back after a Christmas break with this peaceful piece of perfectly orchestrated pop from Australia. Hidden in the middle of a quite generic album of jazz-rock, (Hear The) Falling Dew is a soothing…Lire la suite MAGIC ALL AROUND US

DAWN OF THE MIMES Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho - L'Appel de la Terre From Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho - Les Pays De Tout En Tout Released on Unidisc, 1978, France Unidisc (which is not the same Unidisc than the famous Canadian Disco imprint) was a French label which released many weird albums which aimed at soundtracking meditation or…Lire la suite DAWN OF THE MIMES

IN A GREGORIAN MOOD Magdalith - Pop' A' Gregor (Pitched Down) From Magdalith - Magdalith Released on Polydor, 1973, France First of all, Magdalith is a religious artist; in fact, she is one of the most religious musicians we ever mentioned on this site (alongside Pierre Eliane). Not only does the music on her 1973 album has a…Lire la suite IN A GREGORIAN MOOD