NIEMAND TANZT The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z - Pink Rhythm From The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z - Niemand Tanz Released on Z. O. O. Media, 1989, Germany It's both wonderful and strange how one odd-looking record, found randomly in some record shop can lead you to a sprawling…Lire la suite NIEMAND TANZT

MINDGAMES Lix - Stalking From Lix - S/T Released on Fat Records & Tapes, 1984, Sweden Released in 1984 on Fat Records & Tapes, that is to say the same year and on the same label than balearic heads favourite, Sjunne Ferger's mind-blowing Mindgames, Lix's only album is an oddball of a record. Unlike Mindgames, there is something straight-forwardly…Lire la suite MINDGAMES

DON’T JUDGE A RECORD BY ITS COVER Lapassenkoff - Congo / Masaï From Lapassenkoff - Shing A Ling! Released on Mosquito, 1988, France One of the things we've learn from rummaging through record bins is that you kind of need to judge a record by its cover in order to make some selecting amongst unknown records. And most of the time,…Lire la suite DON’T JUDGE A RECORD BY ITS COVER

NÄCHSTE BAHN Notorische Reflexe - Next Stop From Notorische Reflexe - S/T Released on Rebel Rec., 1985, Germany In our opinion, one would definitely be right by defining Notorsiche Reflexe as a "Neue  Deutsche Welle" act. Though the expression quickly became hackneyed after some songs sold by the marketing guys as "NDW  hits" took over Europe's music charts in the early-1980's…Lire la suite NÄCHSTE BAHN

I’D LIKE MINE TRIBAL Nyles-Jarvis Project - Tribal Juice (The Ritual Version) From Nyles-Jarvis Project - Tribal Juice Released on Jazz Club, 1997, US Nyles-Jarvis Project was a very short-lived project - as only three songs and their various mixes were released under this moniker - by Nyles Arrington, who had a few house hits in the 1990's,…Lire la suite I’D LIKE MINE TRIBAL

QUAND TE REVERAIS-JE ? … Pierre Eliane - Où Que Tu Ailles From Pierre Eliane - Littérature Released on CBS, 1984, France We're back with our favorite French priest of the Roman Catholic Church, Pierre Eliane (if you don't know his story you can read it here), with a super sultry slow electro boogie jam with slightly scandalous lyrics. Depicting…Lire la suite QUAND TE REVERAIS-JE ? …

RAP MASTER Rap Master Lexy Mella - On The Air Rap From Rap Master Lexy Mella - Special Night  Released on Ire-Oha-Zim Records, 1985, Nigeria The first Rap hit in Nigeria - like in many other countries - was Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight, released in 1979. After the release of the song, many wannabe rappers tried their chance…Lire la suite RAP MASTER