NIEMAND TANZT The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z - Pink Rhythm From The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z - Niemand Tanz Released on Z. O. O. Media, 1989, Germany It's both wonderful and strange how one odd-looking record, found randomly in some record shop can lead you to a sprawling…Lire la suite NIEMAND TANZT

A LETTER FROM HOME "Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue/ A Letter From Home About Sound And Consciousness From "Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue Released on Lovely Music Ltd., 1978, US By far the largest musical piece - as much by its duration and complexity than the themes it addresses - ever mentioned here,…Lire la suite A LETTER FROM HOME

NÄCHSTE BAHN Notorische Reflexe - Next Stop From Notorische Reflexe - S/T Released on Rebel Rec., 1985, Germany In our opinion, one would definitely be right by defining Notorsiche Reflexe as a "Neue  Deutsche Welle" act. Though the expression quickly became hackneyed after some songs sold by the marketing guys as "NDW  hits" took over Europe's music charts in the early-1980's…Lire la suite NÄCHSTE BAHN

BREAKFAST AT GORBACHEV’S Vasiliy Shumov - Porridge From Василий Шумов ‎– Время Три Released on Melodiya, 1991, USSR We've always been deeply interested in records whose stories somehow overlaped with History, and though we think that it is the case of most of the records ever released - in one way or an other - some of them connect…Lire la suite BREAKFAST AT GORBACHEV’S

ANOTHER BAMBOO SONG BILL - Glassbamboo From BILL - Spielwiese Zwei Released on Klangbad, 2010, Germany It's hard to quantify the importance of Jaki Liebezeit over contemporary electronic music or even over modern drumming but no one can deny the fact that his hypnotically regular and highly characteristic  drumming influenced - in one way or another - the…Lire la suite ANOTHER BAMBOO SONG

DAWN OF THE MIMES Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho - L'Appel de la Terre From Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho - Les Pays De Tout En Tout Released on Unidisc, 1978, France Unidisc (which is not the same Unidisc than the famous Canadian Disco imprint) was a French label which released many weird albums which aimed at soundtracking meditation or…Lire la suite DAWN OF THE MIMES

BANG THE DRUM #2 Slagerij Van Kampen - Wakarimasen From Slagerij Van Kampen - Out Of The Doldrums Released on Megadisc, 1987, Netherlands If there was a prize for the most radical shift in a band’s carreer, Slagerij Van Kampen could have been a strong nominate in this category… Following a quite generic Dutch pop album, Out of the…Lire la suite BANG THE DRUM #2

AN ELECTROACOUSTIC AFFAIR Juan Blanco - Cirkus Toccata From Juan Blanco - Música Electroacústica Released on Areito, 1986, Cuba It would be extremely wrong to think that dictatorial regimes prevent any form of musical creativity. Even Cuba's hard regime allowed some musicians a complete freedom of experimentation (as long as the music was not openly against the…Lire la suite AN ELECTROACOUSTIC AFFAIR

BARRACAS BARROCAS Fernando Falcão - Elas (À Girges Ristum) / 7º Cavaleiro From Fernando Falcão - Barracas Barrocas Released on Carmo, 1987, Brazil Fernando Falcão is a mystery : how is it posible that such a master of arrangements, who released, at least, two mindblowing records, is ungoogleable ? This is even stranger when taking into…Lire la suite BARRACAS BARROCAS

VOIX VULGAIRES André Duchesne - God Economy From Les Mystères Des Voix Vulgaires Released on Divergo, 1990, Italy Released in 1990 on Divergo, the Italian label which is "famous" for hosting Gigi Masin & Alessandro Monti's Wind Collector, Les Mystères Des Voix Vulgaires is a compilation, released in support of the Italian anarchist magazine A/Rivista Anarchica. Gigi Masin's fans…Lire la suite VOIX VULGAIRES