MAMAN PAS PLEURER Lucia Reine - Maman Pa Pléré From Lucia Reine - Lucia Released on LM Production, 1987, France You can see ton of zouk records from the late  1980's at markets or stores in France but finding good stuff isn't easy though, most of them being a bit too cheesy or having some lame parts…Lire la suite MAMAN PAS PLEURER

ANOTHER H. HOSONO PRODUCTION Kuniko Yamada - Tetsugaku Shiyo From 山田邦子 ‎- セカンド - 贅沢者  Released on Victor, 1982, Japan Our first dancefloor-friendly post in a while is a classy Japanese synthpop track by Kuniko Yamada. Kuniko has a long career of humorist,comedian, actress, and writer behind her but she also found the time to record 2 albums…Lire la suite ANOTHER H. HOSONO PRODUCTION

FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING Four Drummers Drumming - Running Man From Four Drummers Drumming - Electricity Released on Riff-Records, 1991, Germany For whoever is into percussions and rhythmical prowess, Four Drummers Drumming seems to be a band worth checking ! The "Four Drummers" are German percussionist Albrecht Riermeier, American vibraphone player David Friedman and jazz drummer Jerry Granelli, and…Lire la suite FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING

MALOYA Ti-Fock - Lo De From Ti-Fock - Mafate Released on 102P Production, Reunion, 1985 Réunion seems to still be a virgin island for diggers, and as far as we know Ti-Fock is one of the only examples, with Alain Peters, of a Reunionese musician who successfully recorded great Maloya-influenced fusion music. His second album,…Lire la suite MALOYA

HI MOTHERTRUCKER President Rosko - C.B. Wrapper From President Rosko - French Connection Released on Magnet, 1981, France We're often complaining about the lack of information concerning an album or an artist we're mentioning on OYT, regretting that we don't have any good story to tell. This is definitively not the case of President Rosko, a legendary…Lire la suite HI MOTHERTRUCKER

TRIBUTE TO TRIBUTE Tribute - A Kumma Ki Yidi From Tribute - Breaking Barriers Released on Rekord, 1986, Germany It feels like Young Marco just took over OYT ! This one is a pure bomb for the clubs ! This percussive afro killer track is well hidden on an album by Sweden symphonic rock band, Tribute, and…Lire la suite TRIBUTE TO TRIBUTE

SPACE IS THE PLACE François N'Gwa - N'Gondjet From François N’Gwa ‎– N'Gondjet / Odette Released on Studio 1, 1986, France When someone tells you about a cosmic electronic African track your interest arouse and you generally don't really know what to expect... If you add to this a cover featuring a picture of a Gabonese musician floating in…Lire la suite SPACE IS THE PLACE

SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #3 Splash - I've Lots Of Money To Spend From Splash - Peacock Released on Celluloid, 1986, France Summer is coming back and so is our passion for South-African Kwaito, Bubblegum, Proto-House, etc. So we thought we needed to share with you this little-known song from one of the biggest South-African dance acts from the…Lire la suite SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #3

RAP ATTACK Frantz - Exhibition Tonight From Frantz - Exhibition Tonight Released on Barclay, 1983, France "Everybody must get high ! Oh get up ! Oh get up !" there's something weird about Exhibition Tonight's lyrics. Well, that's maybe because they've been written by a guy who learned to speak English by listening to Kurtis Blow and…Lire la suite RAP ATTACK