PECKER POWER Tony Koba - Kageki - Radical & Musical From Tony Koba - Rough & Smooth Released on Better Days, Japan, 1981 Tony Koba is a Jazz-Fusion musician who plays the drum on various Japanese Jazz records in the late 1970's - early 1980's, but we won't talk about him. The main interest of Kageki…Lire la suite PECKER POWER

BOOM-BOOM-TCHAK Hoodoo Fushimi - Furarete Nambo From Hoodoo Fushimi ‎- ケンカおやじ (Kenka Oyaji) Released on Syntax, 1987, Japan Hoodoo Fushimi is such a mysterious and talented man : he self-released four albums in the late 1980's - early 1990's , playing the Guitar , the Bass , Synths , Scratching , and even playing the Shamisen, making…Lire la suite BOOM-BOOM-TCHAK

SPEAKING CREOLE #2 Roger Melt - L'Am'Ou Dans Bois From Roger Melt - Pleine Lune Released on G.K. Records, 1984, U.K. If you're into record digging, you cannot ignore the tremendous hype that "Antillais" records now have, from Gwo Ka albums to Electro-Zouk.  A friend who owns a record store recently told us that he was astonished…Lire la suite SPEAKING CREOLE #2


This month podcast is by no other than Satoshi Yamamura, co-funder of Okonkole Y Trompa. If you've ever experience aimless walks in a city - whether you already knew it or were discovering it - then you may be familiar with that feeling triggered by happy discoveries you make unexpectedly, sunbeams giving a bright color to a…Lire la suite OKONKOLE Y TROMPA 03 : SATOSHI YAMAMURA

SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY Riccardo Sinigaglia - Attraverso (Part I) From Riccardo Sinigaglia - Riflessi Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1986, Italy Italian musician and architect Riccardo Sinigaglia studied music at Milan Conservatory with its Maestro of electronic music, Angelo Paccagnini, in the 1970's. He later became a teacher at this prestigious conservatory, where he developed his own vision of that…Lire la suite SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY

EXPERIMENTS IN POP Tony Hymas – Pictures Of Departure From Tony Hymas – Flying Fortress Released on Nato, 1988, France One of the most rewarding feelings about looking after records may not be founding one of those "holy grails" in a 1€ bin (though we have to admit that it is a pretty cool feeling), but rather buying…Lire la suite EXPERIMENTS IN POP

THE DARKEST HOUR P.I.T.T. & The Dreamers - Longing For A Lost Fatherland From P.I.T.T. & The Dreamers - Drakron Released on Radium 226.05, 1989, Sweden P.I.T.T. is a Swedish experimental new wave band whom members are Johan Söderberg , Lars Åkerlund, Sebastian Öberg and Zbigniew Karkowski. The three of them were prominent musicians of the Swedish experimental, electronic, wave scene…Lire la suite THE DARKEST HOUR

DIGITAL DANCE Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta ‎– Malangaan From Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta ‎– Water Messages On Desert Sand Released on Recommended Records, 1987, UK When you think about 1980's ethnic samples and collages, the first names that more likely pop into your mind are Muslimgauze and African Head Charge, right ? Or maybe you…Lire la suite DIGITAL DANCE

ESOTERIC GUITAR Albert Giménez - Java From Albert Giménez - Escapa ! Released on Filobus Records, 1983, Spain Related to the experimental / industrial band Macromassa from Barcelona, Albert Giménez is a multi-instrumentalist who began to release records under his own name during the early 1980's. On most of his songs, he explores the sounds of…Lire la suite ESOTERIC GUITAR