FOR FALLING ASLEEP #2 Andreolina - Music In A Small Room From Andreolina - An Island In The Moon Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1990 The most attentive readers will realize that this is the third time that we mention the protean label, ADN (which stands for Auf Dem Nil as well as A Dull Note, and many…Lire la suite FOR FALLING ASLEEP #2

COSAS INVISIBLES Eduardo Moreno - Escocia No Existe From Eduardo Moreno - Musica Para Cine Imaginario Released on Ghetto Vox Communicacion, 1990, Spain Eduardo Moreno has a short-lived musical career, consisting of only two albums that few remember. Seemingly influenced by New Age music, Moreno self-released his first album, Musica Para Cine Imaginario, in 1990. It would have…Lire la suite COSAS INVISIBLES

SOFTEST LANDS Thierfeldt - Madly, Sadly, Badly From Thierfeldt - Dilettantischer Sentimentalismus Released on MMR Records, 1986, Germany It's interesting to see that many of the posts we taged as "Floating" are related to music recorded around the years 1986-1987. What's the point of pointing this out, you may ask ?Well, it seems that, if you…Lire la suite SOFTEST LANDS

AS BEAUTIFUL AS A GREEN PEA Beautiful Pea Green Boat - In Succession  From The Beautiful Pea Green Boat - Change / In Succession / Passed Into Greening Released on Boathouse, 1984, UK Why are we fascinated by the music produced by young musicians in the 1980's-1990's ? Maybe it's because we can hear, when listening to their music, the fragile confidence…Lire la suite AS BEAUTIFUL AS A GREEN PEA

A NATALE PRODUCTION #2 Edson Natale -Pequena Canção Para Uma Mulher Nua From Edson Natale - Nina Maika  Released on Natale Produções Artísticas, 1990, Brazil We first mentioned Edson Natale in a post about his band, Dharana, which provided some amazing acoustic Brazilian jazz in the late 1980's. Three years after Dharana's first album, Viajante, Edson Natale released what seems like…Lire la suite A NATALE PRODUCTION #2

IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE… Bertrand Richard - Kunuonadivi / Enaow From Bertrand Richard - Amandine Léopard Released on Transat, 1984, France French fusion records can be deceitful: often hidden in intriguing sleeves, with appealing names of synths on the back cover and a mysterious artwork, they can be really deceitful once they’re being played, especially for those of…Lire la suite IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE…

MACINTOSH MUSIC Man Parrish - Water Sport From Man Parrish - Brown Sugar Released on Select Records, 1987, US Whether you know him or not, we're sure you've already heard many things recorded by New-York legendary electro producer Man Parrish, but what about his ambient work ? A few months ago, we did not even suspected…Lire la suite MACINTOSH MUSIC

EXPERIMENTS IN POP VOL.2 Steve Beresford - Comfortable Gestures From Steve Beresford & Anne Marie Beretta ‎- Dancing The Line Released on Nato, 1986, France A few months ago, in a post called Experiments In Pop, we dealt with a great avant-pop record released on French label Nato, Flying Fortress by Tony Hymas. Well, it looks like Flying Fortress is not the only good album…Lire la suite EXPERIMENTS IN POP VOL.2

YAMA NO KYOKU Mountain Tune - Triad From Mountain Tune - Bolero  Released on King Records, 1985, Japan A few months ago, we uploaded a smooth disco jam by Masanori Sasaji, a keyboardist who worked on many classic Japanese albums including Mariah's Utakata No Hibi and Yasuaki Shimizu's Kakashi. He's now back on OYT with a one-shot band, Mountain Tune, in…Lire la suite YAMA NO KYOKU

A NATALE PRODUCTION Dharana - Viajante From Dharana - Dharana Released on Natale Produções Artísticas, 1987, Brazil Though a very discreet musician, Edson Natale is nonetheless a true master of Brazilian jazz, forging a very organic and deep sound, exploring the acoustical possibilities of his fetish instrument, the guitar, thanks to very sophisticated means of recording, in…Lire la suite A NATALE PRODUCTION