INVISIBLE MAZE Mkwaju Ensemble - Maximum Alpha From Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki-Motion Released on Better Days, 1981, Japan Mkwaju Ensemble is a Japanese unit formed by two percussionists , Midori Takada (whose solo album, Through The Looking Glass, recently gained a huge fame) and Yoji Sadanari. Ki-Motion is their second album but their only two albums were…Lire la suite INVISIBLE MAZE

INTERNATIONAL LOVE Grammacks International - Children Take Good Care From Grammacks International - Ou Pa Bon Cauchemard Released on 3A Productions, 1977, France There have been quite a lot  of French Caribbean compilation LPs or reissues since for a few years new, mainly focussing on Funk-influenced music, and it's still going on. We already discussed it…Lire la suite INTERNATIONAL LOVE

STILL WATERS René Aubry & Jean Schwarz - Five Women Still Waters: Ballet De Carolyn Carlson Released on Celia Records, 1986, France Carolyn Carlson is a major choreographer in France who worked with some of the most important figures from the experimental and "musique concrète" scenes including Philippe Besombes, Jean Schwarz and her husband, René Aubry, whose…Lire la suite STILL WATERS

ASIA DREAM Mu Project - Asia Dream From Mu: Pradʒékt - Asia Dream Released on For Life Records, 1985, Japan When most people think about Asia, the first ideas that pop in their mind are high technology, something about a high-degree of sophistication in Asian people's everyday-life , myths filled with magical creatures and ghosts, etc. Well,…Lire la suite ASIA DREAM

SPEAKING CREOLE #2 Roger Melt - L'Am'Ou Dans Bois From Roger Melt - Pleine Lune Released on G.K. Records, 1984, U.K. If you're into record digging, you cannot ignore the tremendous hype that "Antillais" records now have, from Gwo Ka albums to Electro-Zouk.  A friend who owns a record store recently told us that he was astonished…Lire la suite SPEAKING CREOLE #2

SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY Riccardo Sinigaglia - Attraverso (Part I) From Riccardo Sinigaglia - Riflessi Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1986, Italy Italian musician and architect Riccardo Sinigaglia studied music at Milan Conservatory with its Maestro of electronic music, Angelo Paccagnini, in the 1970's. He later became a teacher at this prestigious conservatory, where he developed his own vision of that…Lire la suite SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY

ESOTERIC GUITAR VOL.2 Forrest Fang - Peru From Forrest Fang - Migration Released on Ominous Thud, 1986, US We never spoke about American ambient on Okonkole Y Trompa, yet. Well it's time to do it ! Forrest Fang is a Chinese American composer who emerges from the "American Cassette Culture" movement (a movement supported by the fanzine and label…Lire la suite ESOTERIC GUITAR VOL.2